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Food for thought… and fitness

The New Year fitness furor is in full effect at gyms all over. Getting out (or staying in) and exercising is only half the equation- proper nutrition/hydration is the other. Supplements are not just used by the hardcore enthusiasts anymore, they are being used by athletes, weekend warriors and the “my workout is shorter than the time it takes me to get all my gear on” crowd and everyone in between. There is a plethora of information out there on the web about creatine, omega fatty acids, protein, glucosamine etc. Its tough to tease out what the actual science behind many of these supplements says but there are ongoing research studies and the effects both short/long term and good/bad of some of the supplements are becoming known. Do your homework first and don’t just take the advice of that dude at the gym that can bench press a rhinoceros. Certain supplements interact with prescription and non-prescription medications to cause potentially life threatening complications and may also not be appropriate for people with certain health conditions.

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