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Is your car more valuable to you than your own body?

Is there a pill I can take for it?

I will often be asked by a client if there is a pill or supplement that will solve the presenting musculoskeletal complaint. Especially after I reinforce that there will be an exercise component to the treatment plan that will need to be done outside of the clinic as well.

There is a place for medications and supplements in recovery but as most of the evidence is shedding light on- optimizing joint function (movement, strength, and  coordination) is a vital component of injury recovery and prevention. A set of  customized therapeutic exercise that are specific to individuals with pain/dysfunction is the only way to regain strength and mobility. A pill won’t make you stronger- even those who take anabolic steroids still have to put in the work.

Also systemic conditions like diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, fibromyalgia and more are all improved with regular exercise along with conventional medical treatment.

So why ask for a pill?

Is it that we are too busy to fit in exercise or too lazy? We need to start thinking of our bodies/health as assets- if you don’t care for it it will deteriorate and limit your ability to work, play and care for loved ones. I often joke that people take better care of their cars than their own health!


Written by Scarborough Physiotherapy

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