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Spring into action… gradually

With the weather finally starting to warm it’s time to get out of hibernation mode and get moving. A few tips:

If you haven’t performed a specific exercise in a while- start back gradually, otherwise you will be excessively sore (or get hurt) and may be discouraged from continuing.

A warm up and dynamic stretching are the best way to prime your body for exercise- static stretches can be done afterward for your cool down.

If you have pain in an area of your body with an activity- get it checked out to avoid developing poor habits and compensations that can lead to more/different problems down the road.

Make sure you are well hydrated and get enough sleep – extremely important (especially for those of us getting on in life!).

Pick an exercise you enjoy- if you are having fun then you are more likely to keep at it.

Exercise regularly and live longer!


Written by Scarborough Physiotherapy

Providing quality professional therapeutic services.

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