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Custom Knee Braces

Orthopedic braces and supports can aid in the recovery process by protecting the injured areas while allowing for continued activity. Patients who have injured ligaments in the knee (ACL, MCL etc.) or who have Osteoarthritis in one compartment of their knee can improve/maintain their functional level with the use of a properly fitted brace.

Our therapists have additional training in assessing and fitting for custom knee braces and other orthopedic supports. We carry a wide variety of supports and braces to suit individual body types and levels of activity. As Registered Physiotherapists, we have expert knowledge about anatomy, pathology, ergonomics and exercise and can provide extra insight on the proper use of the brace/supports.

We are authorized dealers for Ossur/Cti and Donjoy custom knee braces. Most extended health plans will cover custom knee braces with a medical referral. Please contact your insurance provider to check your coverage.

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